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Google Home Routines roll out in several languages and countries of the world

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Last year in 2017, Google rolled out Google Home Routines just in one language i.e. English; however, according to the latest announcement the company made, its new feature will be available in several languages and in different countries including India, Germany, Canada, UK, and Australia.  It unified a number of customizations and scheduling you can do getting up every morning.

What is Google Home Routines?

It is basically a feature that executes several strings of commands at a time using one single command.  For example, giving one single command to Google Home such as “Hey Google, Good Morning” and you can do several activities simultaneously like start your favorite music on Spotify, start a coffee machine, turn on lights, and television.

Default Google Home Routine settings will tell you about the current weather, and gentle reminders.  After it, the company got some user complaints stating the feature still contains some bugs, and it is difficult to change certain settings in the settings page.

One such incident in the UK reflected how the bug stops the normal working of the device.  Initially, the users there got some tips from the Google Home routine.  But, later when they tried to take in the same it disappeared suddenly.  They doubt if there was a certain sort of bug residing inside.

You can perform a number of activities using this feature.  Users can regulate thermostat and connect it with the smart home devices.  It not only allows you to set reminders for existing routines, but also add and edit more routines.

Google Home routines starts immediately after user tap on the + button, type in any command, and choose what you want Assistant should do.  You can type it manually or else select from the given options.  Google then started improving and testing the device and now it is ready for its official release.

The feature is activated directly from the server side.  Hence, you do not have to download the apk file from Google Play Store.  We just expect the feature now works well and soon we get it available for all the users.  Let us sees, if this technology goes well.  Google might start working to bring this feature to all Home and Assistant users.