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Google Home Sales Increased; Now Competing with Amazon Alexa

Google Home

It has been a while since tech giants have been introducing smart speakers, with a Digital Assistant built into them. The latest to be introduced was Apple HomePod, which has all the restrictions of being a native-Apple product. According to the sales statistics, however, the real competition is between Google Home devices and Amazon Alexa. Having sold more 2.4 Million Google Home devices in the 2018 Q1, the smart speaker is coming to a face-to-face competition with Amazon Alexa devices, whose 4.0 Million devices were sold. It is to be noted that Amazon had launched the Echo products almost two years before Google Home surfaced.

For Google Home, the growth is even important, especially when compared to the last year’s number. In the first quarter of 2017, the Mountain View company was able to sell only 0.3 Million smart speakers, which came to more than 6x within a year’s time. In the course of time, the market share of Google Home devices has increased from 12.4% to 26.5%, just behind the 43.6% market share of Alexa devices. Even with the hike of popularity for Google devices, it should be noted that Amazon had a growth of 102% in the time. However, it may be negligible when compared to the 709% growth of the competitor.


Unlike Alexa and Siri, Google Assistant has been receiving a lot of updates that boost the user convenience and AI-based options. On the other hand, while improving the hardware side and build elegance, Apple has not been focusing on the software side much. Considering this point, it does not come as a surprise that the Apple HomePod has an even lower position in terms of unit sales, even below that of Alibaba’s products in store. The star of the discussion being Google Home products, only time will prove whether the Assistant-powered speakers will attract better crowd in the future.

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