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Google Is Changing the Interface Of Google Play Store

Google Is Changing the Interface Of Google Play Store

Google is that tech company which always like to experiment with new things and accordingly it’s now going to change the interface of Google Play Store. Google is redesigning the structure of play store and adding some unique design which might like any android users. The new interface which Google is trying to implement includes Google’s Material Theme, featuring more rounded elements plus a bottom bar. The interface looks quite similar to previous versions, but this one will provide you shortcut ways to access books, Movies and TV shows, Games.

The top search bar of the play store has been revamped, and now it will show “Search for apps & games/ Books/ Movies & TV” instead of Google Play logo which is an excellent addition. Now the Arrow button has been replaced with “More.” This new features might be liked many people since it will make the interface of play store more clear and minimalistic. On the other hand, while looking at the app’s page, you will be able to see what matters the most there. Because now the focus is given on what matters the most such as install button.

Now you will be able to see install button more clearly because description information like tags has been removed in this version. Any android user likes those applications which look good and provide them a piece of proper information. It seems like Google’s team is trying its best to improve the current situation of the play store and that’s why they have added so many useful features. A few days ago Google removed all of those apps which were trying to access and using the information of android users unethically. The data protection could be the new reason why Google is updating the theme of Google Play Store. We will be posting more on this topic but till then leave your opinion on this new design of Play Store.