Home Tech News Google Is Collecting Facial Data For Building Pixel 4

Google Is Collecting Facial Data For Building Pixel 4

Google Is Collecting Facial Data For Building Pixel 4

Usually, tech companies don’t reveal their future strategies, but in the case of Google, it’s different. According to.recent reports it’s been found that Google employees are asking random individuals for Face ID for $5. This new strategy of collecting facial data might be Google’s preparations to beat Apple Face ID technology. Recently Apple announced that it’s going yo use touch and Face ID features for most of the company’s platforms and gadgets.

Now Google is trying to collect the data of individual people, which can be used for upcoming Google pixel 4. Google employees were found on the street asking individuals about their facial data for just $5 gift card of Amazon or Starbucks. Collection of data has always been an issue because there are many ways tech companies can collect it. But Google is getting it in a legitimate way. Currently, everyone is asking questions about Google pixel’s features, and Google would surely launch it with some revolutionary traits. This data can be used by Pixel to identify faces of a vast amount of people.

The collection of information is the tech company’s one of the biggest obstacles and Google has found a unique way. Many people think they found it strange when Google’s employees come towards them, asking for facial data. However, this technique of Google to collect data is still useful as compared to other ways of obtaining it. Many big tech companies are still in the big dilemma about how to legitimately find and use the data. Justice Department is already putting scrutiny over big tech companies for studying how they do business. Google Pixel 4 is one of the most anticipated smartphones, and they would surely use facial data in it.