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Google Is Planning To Shut Down Hangout By The End Of 2020

Google Is Planning To Shut Down Hangout

If there’s one thing which I like about using messaging apps, then it’s their user interface, and one of my favorite messaging apps was Hangout. However recently there’s speculation going on in the tech industry that Google is planning to shut down their messaging app hangout. If you’re a person who has been used Hangout when it was new and trending, then you know how perfect it was at that time. However, now due to so many messaging apps in the market Google’s Hangout is not able to compete with them, and that might be the reason why they’re thinking to close it down.

Google has recently decided that they are going to shut down google plus also because of its decreasing popularity. On the other hand, according to some tech experts, Google is trying to launch some new messaging apps which according to them could be game-changing. While there is no official announcement made by the company regarding this decision of discontinuing hangout but experts believe that Google might shut down the whole hangout platform by the end of 2020.

Google Hangout is currently used by many people, and recently some people have complained that they were facing some issues while using Hangout messenger. Google has always tried their best to keep the app updated from time to time basis, but it seems like users are now have got more familiar with Whatsapp and few other messaging apps. Whenever a tech company decides to discontinue their product or service they immediately try to cover that loss by investing in other products. Google is shutting down Hangout because they are trying to bring much more reliable products in the market which have got more scope and demand. It will be interesting to see whether Google will try to bring some new messaging app or not but one thing is sure that the company is not in the mood to continue Hangout further.