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Google Maps Gets Some Attracting New Features


When it comes to roaming, people like to use navigational apps more often because it helps them to reach their destiny. However, if you are an avoider of Google Maps, then there’s a piece of good news for you. The tech giant company has decided to make google maps excellent again by adding new features. Now users can see the reservations of their flight, hotels, and many other things in Google Maps more easily. You will have to tap on the three gray lines at the upper left corner and then go to “your place” to find the reservations which Google has managed to pull out from Gmail account of yours.

Another essential feature which Google Map has added is a hotel reservation. Now you can search for hotels or create a list of those places which you want to see. If you are hungry and want to book a restaurant, then Google Map allows you to book a table. It will also tell you about the famous dishes which you can try from the selected restaurant. Google maps are used by those people who are not quite good with maps and navigation, and these new features were necessary. Another important feature which Google Map has given to its user is the Live View.

Even though it’s in the beta version, it shows you the augmented reality, arrows, and directions to find a destination just like in the real world. You will see pointers and other instructions on a google map which you usually get in the real world. This feature is helpful for those people who forget about the street name and trouble to reach to their destination. Reservations, Live View like features will definitely liked by the users. However, with time google map is getting smarter and trying to gain more trust of its users.