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Google Maps Tricks: This is how you can save a considerable amount of time using some Google Maps tric


Google Maps will be playing an imperative role in the user’s life. It can predict and tell how much time one will take to reach their destination, waiting time period at a restaurant or a movie or any store. Users can accordingly plan for their trip. If it takes too long to reach the particular place or increases the time to have a small brunch at the resto users can plan accordingly and leave their home a bit earlier.

This can save tons of user’s time. It depicts how crowded the restaurant is, or how busy the ticket counter of a movie is. Now raises the question about how to use this application. To use this feature, users need to open the Google Maps, search for a particular location they wish to visit such as a store, restaurant or any other quick place.

After searching, the user will get vital information of the place such as phone number, website address, description, other contact details, hours of operation and many more. Down the line, you will perceive an additional option that says “Popular Times” displaying a bar graph denoting different time slots and period where the restaurant or store would be busy.

While you tap on the name of the day, you can see how popular the place is at different times of day or week. The information about the place is displayed in the real time. For example, if you wish to visit a restaurant and you search for the one, you will get to see the time you need to wait for having your meal. You are expected to wait for 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or even for an hour.

The feature does not work well in some situations such as a predicted time of wait for DMV. You can predict how crowded an Apple store will be and at what time so that you can accordingly leave your home if you wish to visit one. This works exactly same for the restaurants that do not take reservations.

Thus, you can visit your place of interest when Google Maps says it’s not crowded and hasty. If you think the restaurant you wish to visit will make you wait long, you can visit your other favorite one for time being.

This feature will save a considerable amount of user’s time. Google will update you soon about the release duration of the application, which can make your life easier and faster than before.