Home Applications Google Phone App for Android upgraded to detect and block spam calls

Google Phone App for Android upgraded to detect and block spam calls

Google Phone App for Android upgraded to detect and block spam calls

Google recently rolls out an application for Android devices that automatically detects and blocks the spam calls. The app will be able to filter all the spam calls, remove all the further alerts, and notifications from that number.

Google, the search engine giant posted a blog saying, “You will still get a facility to see filtered spammed calls in the call history and if there are any voicemails left for you.” The new feature will work on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the above devices.

It is a better step taken by Google to hold spam calls and keep you away from unwanted or less important calls. The Google phone app will display a red background whenever it detects a spam call arriving at your phone.

Users do not need to worry about rejecting unwanted calls on their own. Google has rather made it easier for you by blocking them automatically. The auto-rejected call will directly hit the voice mailbox. Whether the caller leaves a voice message or not, the user will never get any modification for the missed or rejected calls.

How to activate spam detection in Google Phone app?

Google released a web page that gives you an in-detailed explanation of how to activate spam detection to identify and block spam calls.

Google automatically activates the caller ID and spam detection/protection application. Users just need to enable the app by going through the Settings menu of Caller ID and spam option. Later, caller ID will automatically detect the company or spam caller if they have an inbuilt Google app.

Though Google activates the caller ID by default, it’s up to the users to disable it. To disable the application, you need to open the phone app, click on the three-dot symbol located by the upper right corner and then go in Settings < Caller ID and spam and turn off or disable the service.

If the user turns on ‘Filter Suspected Spam Calls’ option, they would not get any voicemail or missed call notifications, but they will still notice filtered calls in the call history and voicemails if any. Users can also blot a call as spam manually. For doing this, they need to open the phone app and visit recent option. Later, they need to tap on a call they want to block or mark as spam.

Google asks whether the user wants to block a number or not. They will end up tapping the number as spam and then ultimately block the number.