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Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL: Here’s their common issues along with the solutions


Google’s Pixel smartphone have displayed its every appearance in the market.  The search giant basically focused on important parameters: Simplicity, Speed, and Security.  Users have already pre-booked their orders through different sites such as Flipkart and Amazon. Though, they have many good qualities they have some most common issues as well.

Hidden Notch:

Google Pixel 3 does not have any notch but when it comes to Google Pixel 3 XL, users will get to see a small hidden notch at the top end of the device.  However, you can eliminate the notch by clicking on Settings option, next on the system option and finally on the About Phone.  Later, search for the build number on which you need to tap eight times.  Next, you will get a prompt message of ‘You are now a developer’.  Again, click on the system option and then on the advanced.  Finally, you would see developer options and on scrolling down you will see drawing and display cutout feature where you get the hide option to eliminate the notch.

Camera App resists to save clicked photos:

Both the Pixel phones click best shots but unfortunately, these photos are not saved in the gallery.  Every time you need to save the photos explicitly.  However, you can fix it by tapping on settings option and turning off the doze controls option.  You can also save the click photos by toggling off the battery optimization.

Poor audio quality while recording videos by the camera:

Google concentrated more on camera quality but at the same time never realized that same camera was to be used for shooting videos.  The videos captured had a great quality but lacked in its audio quality.  The quality of audio recording falls down drastically when you move away from the device.

Imbalance in speaker:

You might be thinking that stereo speakers of both the smartphones are balanced in terms of output.  But it’s actually opposite.  Speakers of both the devices have differences in its volume output.

Extreme Vibration:

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have an excessive vibration.  You would feel it when you hold your phone in your hands while listening to a loud music.  This is an outer defect.  Hence, you have the chance to test the smartphones before purchasing them.


The rear end of the device is made up of plastic while the front end has the Gorilla Glass 5 coating.  So, one has to be cautious while keeping the phone in the pockets as your device might get a number of scratches.

Freezing Issue:

Google never wondered the handset would freeze for no reason.  Hence, users need to reboot their device once a week.  The phone automatically hangs if you keep several tabs of Google Chrome open at the same time.