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Google plans to launch its own smart display with built-in speaker

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The recent Google report claimed by Nikkei says that the tech giant will soon plan to launch its built-in speaker smart display. After the launch, glass that can help autistic kids to socialize better and Google Assistant will be able to play YouTube videos and much more.  Lenovo, the smart device giant has already launched its smart display device, which is proven to be the user device.

The company will initially ship 3 million units during the first batch of production of a display screen that comes along with a speaker.  The device is meant to challenge its rivalry, Echo Show.  LG has already started to work on this project while JBL devices are made available to pre-order so that users can get it in their hands in September.

Smart displays with speaker have a number of benefits.  Users can simultaneously watch videos, look for recipes, tweak settings, and look up for any other information.  They will perfectly suit in the kitchen where your hands are quite busy and you need a hands-free device.  YouTube is the killer app and a great source of cooking tutorials provides every niche of information and serves as small kitchen appliances.  This is the reason why Google has decided to merge YouTube with built-in speaker smart display.

Even after serving so many assistances, we still doubt if the device could compete with laptops and tablets.  Till date, Google was dependent on companies such as Sony, Lenovo, JBL, and LG to launch their products of smart display integrated with speaker devices.

The current listing of the smart speaker includes budget home Mini, Google Home, and speaker-heavy Max that competes with Amazon’s Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, and Echo Plus.  These devices are much cheaper than what Amazon offers.  Among the other devices, the Echo Show and Echo Spot were designed to display images, videos, photos, or other relevant information to the users.

If this endeavour of Google becomes successful it will soon incorporate artificial intelligence technology into its Google Assistant devices, but it is still difficult to contend with Amazon products.  Because it has their own set of marketing strategies and plans to entice people towards them.  Moreover, Google has a lot of usability and pricing issues.  Despite this, Google will try hard to change in today’s market scenario.