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Google Releases Chrome 67 for Desktop

Google Releases Chrome 67 for Desktop

Google chrome is one of the fastest, secure and free web browsers. As Google is the leader in the internet world, now it’s coming out with its delighted feature that improves the web security and reduces the risk of Spectra. According to the Technical giant, Google is rolling out with another Google chrome feature that is Google Chrome 67. Its allow users to log in to any website by biometric finger sensor easily and save the user from heaving to remember multiple password login details. In addition to helping in the password, it also saves your desktop and accounts from phishing emails and attackers.

Especially with Google Chrome 67 users will able to handle private/ public key pair which is generated by the authenticators like a fingerprint reader and security key. The most advanced feature that I like in Google Chrome 67 is API (Application program interface), it’s a tool that allows developers to make a use of the various sensor that is Generic API sensor. As a name refers, it’s an API that gives the data from device sensors to a public website. Another API that integrated with Google Chrome 67 is WebXR Device API. With the help of this API, a developer can build augmented and virtual experience on chrome from mobile-based and desktop hosted headsets.

The Google team is excited to announce this Google chrome 67 that run on all platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac and core goal to add supports for progressive web apps. In addition to delighted features, Google Chrome team is looking forward to adding “Site Isolation” which keeps separate data from each browser so that it reduces the risk of Spectra and improve surfing efficiency. After seeing faithful results now Google Chrome, Mozilla and Microsoft edge is planning to add web authentication in their web browser.