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Google releases new AI-based image detection system to obliterate child abuse content

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AI-based image detection system- Child abuse is the current hot topic of this generation.  We not only get to hear it in real life but also over the social networking sites.  The tech giant, Google has taken an initiative to combat against child sexual abuse material (CSAM) that we get to see in and out of the internet.

What is AI-based image detection system? How will it work?

It will be designing a system based on artificial intelligence technology to isolate images that have not been previously sorted.  It uses deep neural networks technology for image processing and determines child sexually abusive material.  The content safety API department of the company will be working on this issue.  This technology is totally automatic and will not require the involvement of more number of people.  It will be available for free to all the government bodies, NGOs, and industry partners.

Around 80,000 sites found by United Kingdom’s Internet Watch Foundation have adopted this program.  Google is not the only tech company to initiate this move.  There are several others bodies such as the Technology coalition, certain NGOs, and WePROTECT Global Alliance that have already brought this into reality.  Google started with eradicating fake contents off the website in 2013 and further affiliated with other social networking giants like Twitter, Facebook, and IWF to work on the technologies that could categorize and eliminate CSAM files from the web.

Similarly, in 2015, Microsoft worked together with a Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher and founded Thorn NGO that primarily focused on child sexual exploitation and trafficking.  Another project spotlight was a great help for law enforcement officers to identify fake ads in confidential ads and media endorsing escort services like mirrors.

Children who are sexually abused over the internet will be identified quickly using these tools and prevented from further offensive activities.  They trust that these actions will eliminate 80 percent of the abusive content from the internet.  Google’s this attempt will no longer rely on the databases but will adopt new AI technology to identify fake and sexually abusive content.