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Google Selling the future by collecting your Personal Data

Google Selling the future by collecting your Personal Data

These days the practice of collecting personal data is in the row one by one. After Facebook’s secret of getting the user data its Google’s turn to be on the hot seat for doing the same thing. Google certainly gathers more data than the social networking website. Google’s CEO Pichai came to the stage at the annual developer conference held on Tuesday and introduced some of its latest and most advanced technology such as an assistant is built to schedule appointments for users just over the phone and also get the customized suggestions in their Google Maps application. Not just this, they also came up with a fresh feature that is designed to help complete your sentences while you type an email.

Certainly, it’s all underpinned by one thing that is the huge trove of data collection by Tech-giant on billions of users every day.

Most likely most of the people are either unaware of the fact that Google is using their data and also have used like this before or they are okay with it. The search-giant has 7 products and every product have at least 1 billion monthly users and interestingly all these products can’t work without accessing the data of the user.

It is the reason that helped the Tech-giant become the globe’s most well-regarded brands, revealed Morning Consult Poll. There are different digital advertising companies who are hungry to take users’ data and make a profit out of it.


The more search-engine giant products you utilize, the more you let it collect your information and data. Whether it’s Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube, Google Maps or Google Search, the company is gathering GBs of your data.

The Company provides free access to all of these tools and in return displays a super-targeted advertising and that’s how it made $31.2 billion as a profit in its first 3 months of 2018.

Data collection practice of the company comprises scanning of your emails to find out the keyword data for different products and services of the company to enhance its machine learning capabilities, told the Google spokesman Aaron Stein via an email to NBC News.


Google has put many guardrails against the data being misused by anyone. It says they don’t sell your personal data making the user data anonymous after 18 months and provide tools for the people to remove their recorded data one by one. Also, they don’t allow marketers to aim people based on their sensitive categories such as sexual interests, beliefs and personal hardships.


People are allowed to see and restrict the data Google collects by just changing their advertising preferences via an online dashboard.

Google provides fine-tune controls to select of tracking through Google’s advertising cookie, as well as restricting whether you will see targeted ads on the behalf of your interest groups and chosen categories. You can remove your personal tracking data by yourself and also the complete search history anytime you want.


The users’ data is definitely valuable to Tech giant, but it could yield greater outcome once paired with hi-fi AI systems offering top-most personalized services such as a souped-up form of Google Assistant.

Google started personalized maps on Tuesday.

But Etzioni suggested caution before we uncheck groups of digital agents.