Home Tech News Google Voice Activates Movie-ticket buying with famous Fandango Company

Google Voice Activates Movie-ticket buying with famous Fandango Company

Google Voice Activates Movie-ticket buying with famous Fandango Company

With the passage of time, Google Assistant is improving itself for providing more accurate and more information to the users that they are looking for. Now Google’s artificial intelligence voice service is all set to become transactional on the smartwatches, smartphones, and Google Home. While several marketers express disbelief about the feasibility and mainstream potential of artificial-intelligence assistants as a search substitute or a commerce stage, it seems quite certain that it’s going to happen.

As a case-in-point, today the most popular tech giant, Google is rolling out a better movie-ticket purchasing experience with an American ticketing company called Fandango. Users can already do a 1.0 version of this. Although, the search-giant will now easethe transaction utterly with voice, as contrasting to using both voice and touch.

According to Google, they worked with Fandango so the users can purchase tickets to the films utilizing their voices and for this, all they need is to say ‘buy tickets’ and once the user has decided about the movie he wants to watch. He needs to say “Hey Google, get me tickets for ….” And then the user needs to insert the name of the film he desires to watch. The user can even buy tickets for upcoming movies such as “Solo: A Star Wars Story” which is going to be released on May 25th.

If there is any seat-reservation aspect to buy, the search-portal will hand off to the company to permit seat selection.

We believe Google will come up with more new announcements like this getting the booking and scheduling done, making the reservations. There are some obvious facts that Google’s virtual assistant would be the ultimate voice-enabled booking platform.

And to prove the statement there are many reasons indicating the same such as:

People wish to get more updates so Google Assistant will bring them to fulfill user objectives and of course the expectations.

Advertisements may less worthwhile than transaction fees on smart wears, smartwatches and Google Home devices.

It will decrease the importance of mobile applications. The Tech Company is basically now competing with both the eminent tech giants – Apple and Amazon as it creates its developer and AI ecosystems.