Google will now recommend events near you considering your point of interest

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    Want to know about happening events neighboring you? Google will now recommend the most interesting events and shows based on your interests. It has added more exciting features, which will take you to the most relevant and interesting recommendations, along with personalized events, and vital information all inside one application.

    For example, once you search for a particular event or concert the search results will display vital details such as venue reviews, cost of the ticket, exact address, location and time required to reach that place. Later, when you want to visit the same event on some other day, you can revisit the same page or else you buy direct tickets from the third-party vendors such as Ticketmaster or StubHub.

    You can get everything under one roof. Google has added another tab, which shows some other similar recommendations based on what you have searched currently. Different categories added to the application include local festivals, live concerts, and museum details or even the smaller happening in and around you such as cooking, dance, or a music class.

    Another widely desired feature added to the application includes “For You” that suggests you latest and frequent happenings around you such as different festivals. The only drawback user will face that not every event website will work fine in the search result tab. Users should make sure they clear the previous content so that results are displayed correctly.

    Google said in a blog post, “We have made it tranquil for event sites to mark up their upcoming events in the list and update it from time to time. They can even check if the listed events are properly discoverable and visible to the users or can visit Google’s event developer portal to study various content guidelines, formatting techniques, and other vital stuff.

    The search giant said it will release this application all over the United States in coming few days. “Give it a task to search for a perfect and suitable dog meet up, any live concert or a local festival and you would get want to actually look for.”
    Google wants to make it easier for users to search for events nearby directly from the app instead of relying on third-party applications. The application will be a tough competition to China’s WeChat app that provides everything you need.

    It will replace the current application you use for searching events or browse the current happenings in our city or town.