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Google Will Soon Launch a Scanning and Printing App for Chrome OS


Google has made continuous developments in the cloud. The search engine giant’s Cloud Platform offers users a collection of cloud-based computing services. Still, there are various tasks for which one needs paper or documents. So far, such jobs have remained challenging to perform from a Chromebook. Reportedly, the American tech-giant is functioning to solve the problem with an inherent Chrome OS app for scanning and printing. The company has had engineered Chromebook aimed towards schools, but they do not offer a simple way to view print jobs in the queue. Also, they do not assist users in finding out the errors that obstruct a printer from functioning correctly.

Notably, a printing app from Google, Cloud Print, has offered beneficial effects. The cloud-enabled printing service permitted a local printer to join the cloud network. But the company aims to close the app in the upcoming year. On the other hand, no means can reveal ongoing and queued jobs, which can be frustrating if a user wishes to cancel a job. Thus Google is functioning on another app – Print Management App for Chrome OS. The upcoming application may offer a real way to manage print jobs and look for errors if something goes wrong. The company has discovered the app using a Chrome OS flag having a title – Print Management App. The description of flag states enables the print management app that lets Chrome OS users view and manage their native print jobs.

Google may include UI in the Print Management app. So it will be a pretty one-stop which will fulfill all scanning and printing needs of users. As mentioned above, Google has made several innovations in Chrome OS. Still, there remains plenty of work to be performed for the OS to be on the same level with macOS and Windows. Currently, the app’s development is in its primary stages, but it will seemingly reveal recent print jobs. For now, it is unclear when the company will roll out the feature.