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Google’s Human-Like Robot speech will give equal priority to all the customer calls

Google's Human-Like Robot speech will give equal priority to all the customer calls

Answering hundreds and hundreds of calls in a call center is really a challenging and difficult task. On the other side of the phone, receiving their calls makes all of us irritating. To ease down their job and our irritability, Google implemented some tricks and created a robot that can answer each call like a human.

The so-called Duplex AI Assistant emulates human voice in an exact way how human speaks. Call centers might be one of the focus of all businesses where this technology would play an excellent role and fulfill the basic chucks of scheduling an appointment, reservations and many more.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google says, “The primary objective of this technology is to save a bit of time on small applications such as reservations. Later, it can be used in large-scale applications such as call centers and insurance companies where some task of humans can be replaced by the robot.”

A simple task like answering and returning calls can be handled by the robot. If things get complicated the duplex robot can hand over the entire task to humans. The robot was initially tested in restaurants. The uniqueness of the duplex is that it sounds exactly like humans especially those thuds like ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ sound quite interesting and real. Hence, when the robot was tested for table booking system in restaurant people had rarely recognized that it was a robot speaking at the other side.

Google is now introduced as an “automated booking service” for restaurants where they have provided the facility of recording the calls as well. If technologies like duplex get out, the day will come when you receive a call you would listen to a soft voice of a computer system that doesn’t get tangled on you instead be polite and helpful. We are currently focusing on the welfare of a common man and not on huge enterprises.

As of now, our main emphasis is on hair salon booking, restaurant reservation, booking holiday hours, and travel tickets reservation. We are undertaking a healthy approach by incorporating our learning and taking feedback from clients so that we can improve to better.