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Google’s iron grips on Android: Users cannot use Android without Google Blessing

Google’s iron grips on Android Users cannot use Android without Google Blessing

Six years prior, in November 2007, the Android Open Source Project was reported. The first iPhone turned out only a couple of months’ sooner, catching individuals’ creative energies and introducing the advanced cell phone time.

Google’s “iron grip” seems to consist of making APIs in their open-source product so that as many user-facing parts of the operating system as possible are provided by user-installable and interchangeable apps, instead of something baked deep into the operating system.

Google believes that open source is useful for everybody. By being open and uninhibitedly accessible, it empowers and supports cooperation and the advancement of innovation, taking care of genuine issues.

Google was scared that Apple would wind up deciding the mobile space. Along these lines, to help in the battle against the iPhone when Google had no versatile a dependable balance at all, Android was propelled as an open source system.

In that era, Google had nothing, so any adoption, Google decided to away for free to the users. If the Google search is one day locked out of the iPhone, users would stop using Google search on the desktop. Android was the moat.

But today think is really different. The Android market search went from zero percent of the smartphone to the 80 percent of it. And it won the smartphone wars, but Android winning and Google winning are not the same. Since the Android is free, anyone can take it to create their own fork doesn’t mean it is the same as the Google.

As isolating Google from Android, many companies taking advantage. The best, prominent elective adaptation of Android is Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Final Thoughts:

At the point when Android had no piece of the overall industry, Google was happy with keeping only these applications and building whatever is left of Android as an open source venture. Since Android has become king of the smartphones, however, Google has chosen it needs more control over the general population source code.