Home Tech News Grammarly Making Potential Changes Into Its Browser Extensions

Grammarly Making Potential Changes Into Its Browser Extensions

Grammarly Making Potential Changes Into Its Browser Extensions

Grammarly, which is a spelling and grammar check tool, is getting a new update to its browser extensions, which is going to add more useful features. The update reportedly includes better organize suggestions which are going to be beyond its current grammar suggestions. The tool checks spelling, punctuation, and grammar of the particular document which you want to analyze. Now under this new update, the tool is going to use colored underlines for those sentences which have potential any error.

Using colored underlines to show the mistake which is undoubtedly going to improve the user interface of it and users would love it. It will also tell you the right phrase or words which you should use in writing the sentence. Grammarly correctly gives suggestions of using correct words if you are using too much of them in a sentence which makes writing more natural. Using different words is going to increase reading quality for users. Grammarly knows that customers want to see innovative changes, and that’s why they have come up with new features of underlining mistakes with color.

It’s been also mentioned that now you would be able to get more useful suggestions. Sometimes people get an unusual hint, which makes them hard to write, but Grammarly has taken care of this thing correctly. They have updated the border extensions after considering what customer share demanding. The team of Grammarly said that the more various writers use their platform, the more it will become easier for them to give suggestions. Suggestion field is quite unusual in Grammarly since it adds more quality to the document. All of these updated features are going to be made available to only premium customers. Premium version of Grammarly can be accessed for $30, so those who want to have quality service might have to spend a little bit more.