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Hackers Got Control Of Jack Dorsey’s Twitter Account


When it comes to social media, people always expect their accounts to be private and secured. Twitter is that platform which is used by many celebrities, and recently hackers got control of Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account. Yesterday it observed that many mean tweets were coming from Jack Dorsey’s account. Those who follow Twitter CEO will know the hate comments posted by hackers using Dorsey’s account. The report shows that many racial, anti-Semitic remarks were posted from Jack’s account. Hackers successfully got access of Jack’s account, and that attack lasted for 30 minutes. However, even if that’s a short duration, the damage had already been done with Jack’s tweets.

Twitter’s official report on this matter shows that only Jack’s Twitter account got hacked. On a website, a group of hackers who did this task called themselves as “Chuckling Squad” and said they were behind it. Hackers used SIM swapping method to get access to Jack’s Twitter account. They replaced the number of jacks Twitter account connected with a new sim card and used it to sign in. This method is quite famous in black hat hacking where hackers usually use this trick to get the access of others account. Now people are seriously concerned about their privacy on social media. After this attack, a famous news publishing stated that even President Trump’s account might also get hacked and they should be worried about it.

President Trump is already renowned for posting some controversial tweets. Hackers next target might be accessing Trump’s twitter account, which some experts are predicting. Celebrities often use Twitter to interact with their followers, and cyberattacks are getting quite normal nowadays. Even though Twitter’s officials said that they managed to recover Jack’s account within thirty minutes, it still indicates hackers increasing dominance on social media.

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