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Here’s A List Of Top Healthy Nations Around The World


When it comes to health, everyone wants to live in that country which has got a good healthy environment. Nowadays the problem of climate change has become a serious issue because overall the temperature of earth is increasing every year which is causing many problems. However, recently Bloomberg released its Healthiest Countries Indexes in which it has ranked top healthy countries around the world. The list has been made on various factors such as life expectancy, health care system, death rate, and birth rate ratio, etc. According to this list, Spain has become the world’s healthiest country by surpassing Italy. According to the index, Spain has been ranked as number one country after measuring various factors. One thing which researchers liked about Spain is that its high life expectancy rate. Some European countries other than Spain has also grabbed the position of top 10 healthiest nations, and those countries include Iceland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Italy.

Japan became healthiest country in Asian continent by replacing Singapore. On the other hand, Canada surpassed the US and Mexico in North America and became world’s 16th healthiest country. The US managed to get a 35th position which shows that wealthiest country in this world is no longer a healthy place to live in. Researchers think US needs to work more on its healthcare system since many people are dying every year because of not getting treatment at the right time. Primary care which is provided by government hospitals and doctors is a significant factor in determining country’s healtiness. Researchers said that even after so many issues faced by world Spain might be the only country whose life expectancy is increasing every year. According to United Nations data show that by the end of 2040 Spain will have a life expectancy of 86 years. It seems like many big nations like US-China needs to work more on its healthcare system.