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Here’s How to Find and Delete the Location Tracked by Google


Google usually tracks your location when you keep your Global Positioning System on.  It keeps the records of all the locations visited.  According to the news leaked from Google, even if you turn off your location history, the IP address of your device will continue tracking your location and store all the visited places.

However, here are some of the tricks that you can apply to turn off or find or delete the saved locations and keep it private.

How to prevent further tracking of your device?

For iOS users:

For iOS devices, users should open Google maps and adjust the location settings to “While Using” the App.  After opening the Safari browser you can see several options such as DuckDuckGo and Bing.  Just click on Settings option of the search engine, go to privacy, then location services and finally to the Safari Websites and turn on “Never” option.  Apple maps will continue working normal, but will not be able to track your current location.

For Android users:

Go to the settings option, and click on “Security and location”, scroll down to see privacy option.  Later, click on the “Location” tab and turn it off.  However, like iPhone, you cannot toggle off Google Play Services in Android devices.

For any other device:

Open Firefox browser, and hit on myactivity.google.com URL.  After signing in to Google account, click and drop down the upper-right menu list and visit “Activity Control”.  Turn off both the menus – Location History and Web and App Activity. This will prevent your device from getting traced.  However, some of the Google applications and service will be disabled by turning off these menus.

How to delete past location tracking and history?

For any other device (including iOS and Android users):

For deleting the past location tracking and history, you again need to visit myactivity.google.com website.  Search for a location pin icon beside “details” option.  Clicking on that option opens a new window that contains a link saying “From your Google location”.  Further, the link will display the exact location of the user.  You can delete the history and current tracking by tapping on the three dotted navigation icon and hit on the delete option.

Some of the location histories might get recorded at other places such as Maps, Searches, and google.com.  For this, you need to delete them one by one.  Users can delete them all at one time by selecting the range of dates or by service, but that will delete all the search items and not only just the location markers.