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Here’s What You Need to Know About the Upcoming iPhone Smartphones


Apple recently announced pricing and display details of its upcoming iPhone smartphones.  It declares to launch three smartphones this year.  All the three will be the successor of iPhone X.  First one will be the slightly the replica of iPhone 8, the second one will feature an AMOLED display while the third will be the cheapest among the three that will sport LCD screen.

Apple pencil will be another introduction by the company.  The replica version will feature 5.8-inch of the display screen.  The premium device will be 6.5-inch of the iPhone X while the less expensive ones of 6.1-inch of display size.

The first two are already assembled with OEMs in July while the third one is scheduled for September or probably might get delayed to October.  The third device will sport various featured functionalities including Face ID, dual-SIM functionality, and larger screen size than iPhone 8.

Upcoming iPhone Smartphones Details:

Apple’s this year’s production share for releasing these three iPhones will be around 50 percent.  An initial price of 6.1-inch LCD screen display will range from USD 699 to USD 749.  The cost of the 5.8-inch display will be USD 899 to USD 949 while that of 6.5-inch will be USD 999.

The 5.8-inch version will be the last smartphone of iPhone X generation as its specifications are quite similar to the upcoming iPhone.  The 6.5-inch display will take us towards the new business strata, comes with an extra-large screen and Dual SIM support.  However, it will not support the dual SIM functionalities in some regions of the world.

iPhone contemplates to roll out these devices after adding little more trending features to it before launch.  It has not disclosed anything about the additional features, but those will surely be breath-taking ones.  Stay tuned with us to learn more about Apple’s next step towards its journey.