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High Tech Cars Might Be Too Distracting For Older Drivers

High Tech Cars Might Be Too Distracting For Older Drivers

When it comes to cars, one thing which everyone would like to do is know how to drive it properly. Because if a car is made of such complexity, which makes some people hard to drive, then it will affect both the customers and the company’s sales. Now some experts are saying that high tech cars which lots of startups are trying to build might be too distracting for older adults. There are big companies like Tesla, GM, Ford, etc. which are trying to develop new electronic high tech vehicles. However, one thing which these companies are forgetting is that it might be too much distracting to some older adults.

A recent study shows that people who are aged above 55 are finding it hard to drive a smart car. From seat warmers to windshield wipers which automatically gets turn on when rains, to sketch pads which enable drivers to doodle as they drive. The majority of modern people wants things like these, but for older adults, those are frustrating things. One of the leading researchers of this study said that the technology which we are making for cars is a lot of confusion for the majority of older adults. In this study, drivers were divided into two groups, one was a younger group aged from 21 to 36, and the other one was aged 55 to 75.

Each driver was given those cars which had automatic features like navigation screens and voice activation controls etc. After the study is completed, it’s found that older adults were facing problems of higher levels of cognitive and visual demand. There are some tech features which are confusing for both types of drivers, and they couldn’t understand it. Some experts are saying that companies will have to make things more straightforward for older adults. Because if they do not, then the problem will still be going on.