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How to see everything Amazon Echo has recorded on you

How to see everything Amazon Echo has recorded on you

In recent days it happened to see many advertisements about Amazon echo, many people wonder what this is, How it works and my son asked is it the mini robot? Amazon Echo is a brand of advanced smart speaker well-developed by Amazon. The main function of the device is intelligent personal assistant service ALEXA. It has responded to the name “Alexa”. This amazon echo is proficient of voice communication, adding to-do lists, music player, setting the wake-up calls, running podcasts, reading the book, and weather information, current traffic updating and other real-time information like map reading. It can control many smart devices as a single hub.

If you own an Amazon Echo, you maybe come to know its outlandish top-secret. The device records a lot of what it hears. Inside that mini pylon, Echo keeps an infinite trove of recordings. It’s really surprising, your voice is well-preserved. Your friends’ voices are saved in her memory.

There are two-sided in every coin, there are so many pros and cons to avoid more complications. We should aware of all the features which inbuilt in this small tower which would help us to save from unnecessary consequences. Wonder! You can see all those soundtracks/recording and listen/replies to every instruction you’ve ever given from the beginning. I’m very sure about that most of the people don’t recognize they have this facility. But indeed, you can assess voice log which recorded with the Alexa application on iOS and Android and the app also supports you to roll through your action and listen to each recording, which stored already.

You can easily check what Alexa has recorded in your home:

  • Pull up the Alexa app on your smart device.
  • Open the menu button on the top-left side.
  • Tap and select ‘Settings’.’
  • Scroll down the page and go to ‘History’.

I can strongly say I didn’t see any mistrustful bustle where Alexa recorded a talk in the room without our permission. You would be able to see all the instructions Alexa has been heard. Generally, I saw all the commands; issued, covering requesting Alexa to turn off the pop music, time check, forecasting weather and many more. If you select a recording, you can select the prospect to delete it.

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