Home Tech News HTC Embraces Blockchain Technology, Brings HTC Exodus for this Purpose

HTC Embraces Blockchain Technology, Brings HTC Exodus for this Purpose

HTC Embraces Blockchain Technology, Brings HTC Exodus for this Purpose

These days blockchain has become a sensation all around the world especially in the tech industry, equivalent of web 2.0 at its peak a decade ago so it’s somewhat natural that everyone desires for it.

HTC came into the light as the latest company will adopt the blockchain technology. HTC has introduced its upcoming smartphone HTC Exodus that utterly embraces the blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is the crucial one underlying digital decentralized currency Bitcoin. It is basically a cryptographically protected database which is near-impossible to interfere with, that makes it awesome for safely storing financial transactions data. Now Ethereum a new virtual currency entered the vulnerable market of digital currencies to expand the original idea of the first decentralized virtual currency that is Bitcoin. Ethereum allows anyone to run entirely fledged applications on the blockchain. It is observed that everyone jump on this latest trend of block-chain, from photography companies to financial sectors.

So is the HTC Company getting more hype than needed? Isn’t it?

The company stated on a teaser website that the smartphones will be dedicated to decentralized apps and security. It also pointed many ways in which its new upcoming Exodus smartphone will do this. For instance, it will support Dappps (Decentralized applications) and also will get a hardware element to link cryptocurrency wallets. Both of these things are doable. However, there is already a smartphone named Sikur that concentrates on safety and has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. Now it’s Sirin labs that announced its crypto-currency oriented Finney smartphones to be launched in the month of May.

The Chinese Company also claims that all Exodus smartphone will be a node – an important part of decentralized virtual currency Bitcoin and Ethereum’s design that broadcasts communications across the network.  The company is planning to double and triple the no. of nodes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, admitted HTC. Well, the idea seems to be interesting but in reality, running a node eats storage, bandwidth and processing power of the smartphone. It is noticed that running a Bitcoin or an Ethereum node on a smartphone is possible but thinking to optimize this for a mass market is not trivial.

No specs of the smartphone have been revealed yet though things like camera performances of the phone are going to be considered secondary to the smartphone’s utility as a blockchain-friendly product.

For this specific project, the company has assembled a team headed by Phil Chen. Phil was on the architects behind ‘Barnes & Noble Nook’ and is also a long-time product manager at the Chinese HTC company.

Price of the smartphone isn’t unveiled yet.

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