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Huawei aims to launch a foldable smartphone prior to Samsung


The technological world is now trying to create a huge room for foldable smartphones. Among several tech companies, Huawei wants to be first in the market to launch a foldable smartphone earlier than the world leader, Samsung. Samsung is the world’s largest company that supplies OLED displays to almost all the other smartphone giants including Apple, Oppo, and OnePlus. However, Huawei, the South Korean company aims to reveal its first foldable smartphone having an unbreakable display and longer durability.

Huawei will get the helping hand from BOE, another Chinese flexible OLED panel supplier. It plans to produce a limited number of stock initially and if everything goes well, they will plan to bring it out in a lot. BOE supplies display to a cluster of Apple products such as iPads and MacBooks. Back in 2014, when Apple desired to launch a sapphire crystal display for its upcoming iPhone, Huawei tried and successfully beat Apple by launching Huawei Ascend P7 Sapphire. Later, Apple declined to go with this technology.

This was not enough for the Huawei to lay Apple down. It also efficaciously incorporated ‘Force Touch technology’ prior to Apple. Likewise, Huawei wants to get the credit of being the first company to release foldable smartphone having accelerated production, technically sound and limited number of initial production.

This idea has initiated a cold war between the two. The company has not mentioned what software-oriented issues they might face while producing a foldable smartphone, but both might have to develop a specialized graphical user interface to give a spontaneous experience to users.

All the smartphones launched to date have their own unique specifications. So, it’s bit difficult to imagine if foldability could add up more marvelous feature. It is actually another similar hit to 3D TVs, which are now out of date.

Now we need to think over a couple of questions. Do we really need foldable smartphones? What will be its benefits? How can it make our life easier? Well, let’s wait and watch till they arrive in the market.