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Huawei is ready with its next branded technology Foldable Smartphone


Huawei will play its next plan of actions very soon, maybe next year.  It has been working on foldable smartphone technology since long and is now ready with the techniques.  It would be the first ever company to come up with the foldable phone.

Huwaei’s President of consumer group of the Middle East and Africa, Gene Jiao said, “Today, the foldable device is not a trend, in fact, it’s a reality.” The company says users can expect this smartphone in their hands maybe next year.  Jiao is pretty assured about the fact that the market is in need of such kind of technology.  However, this phone will definitely not replace the older technologies.

Its specifications and features are still not released but those are going to be surely astounding. Further, he says, we will surely need this smartphone, but we need to justify the question ‘Why’. Coming to the manufacturing part of this phone, it’s going to be a challenging task to deliver the best results through it.  The technologies used will be more complicated and difficult to implement.

Such sort of foldable devices requires flexible displays, special kind of batteries and an entirely unique user interface on a new screen.  However, the company has overcome all the technical problems and issues and arose with appropriately developed technology.

According to rumors, Huawei will sport OLED display technology, which will be supplied by China’s BOE technology group.  This company has been supplying OLED panels to Mate 20 Pro devices since long.  The foldable smartphone will run on the EMUI interface.

“These are the best user interfaces in the world and we are very confident about it”, Jiao further added.  Most of the Android smartphones do not have flexible screens.  Hence, this interface might get its auxiliary in the next Android update.  Google and Huawei share a close relationship with each other and now the relation would get even deeper after they start operating together.

Apart from Huawei, several other smartphone manufacturers including Samsung and Apple are also working on this technology.  Samsung might roll out their foldable phone at the start of next year while Apple is planning to launch its bendable phone in coming few years.  Apple says, “You can bend the smartphone into two and can carry in your pockets more comfortably than before.”