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Huawei On Its Way To Building A New OS Replacing Android


As per the latest news on the last chance appeal with the United States government, the Chinese mobile maker ZTE face a life without United States exports till March 2025. It means it could certainly have an immediate future without Android operating system, Snapdragon chips and other parts delivered from the U.S. firms. As for now, the U.S. Justice Department is in the process of investigating Huawei Company for violating sanctions against Iran. So there is a lot of buzz around the world, that the company is on its track to build a backup operating system to face situations like this.

Essentially, Huawei has some reason for worrying. It can possibly lose the access to the U.S. exports for trading with a middle-east country known as Iran. There is always a high possibility that the U.S. – China trade war will extend to a restriction where they can escalate more products. As most of the smartphones in the world run on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system thus there is no great solution for the company except to develop a new OS.

According to a report that was published today cites 4 sources who claim that the company has been working on a new OS (operating system) of its own. One of the four sources claimed that they have been working on this since 2012 when the United States government accused Chinese company Huawei (ZTE) in the case of espionage. The strategy was allegedly put in place by Shenzhen, Guangdong-based Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, who told the world that they are developing their own operating system out of strategic consideration since they don’t want to be ruined if the U.S. suddenly cut off their food and prohibit using Android or Windows 8.

The company already has its operating system for personal computers and tablets. It developed the Kirin line of chipsets to power the smartphones. But Huawei doesn’t sound like it imagines its worse-case situation to play out as far as the Android operating system is concerned.