In Most Of The States, The Minimum Wage Is Lower Than What Residents Want

    The Minimum Wage Is Lower Than What Residents Want

    Recently the topic of the minimum wage has been getting lots of attention because many workers in the US are protesting against the big companies and government to get more wages for the work they do. According to a study, it’s been found that more than 58 percent of the residents of the united states think that they are getting paid lower than what the should receive for the amount of work they do on a daily basis. Right now the minimum wage is the rate in the US is 7.25$ per hour, and more than half of the workers want at least 15$ per hour wage rate. There are lots of political movements going on on this topic since few politicians are supporting the increase of wage rate which is impacting the current government’s policies.

    However, there are some States who have approved the bill of increasing the minimum wage rate in their states, but there are still many other states who yet haven’t taken any action on it. Many labor union across the country are protesting against the politicians and big companies to get their wages raised. According to this latest study it’s been found that more than the majority of the workers think that their minimum shall be at least $10 per hour wage rate.

    According to the researchers, they think that government is more conservative when it comes to raising the wage rate because many politicians haven’t supported this movement. Recently on black Friday many labor union decided not to work until they get the fair amount of wages and such kind of things are impacting on many industries across the country. Even though residents think that they are getting paid lower, the government is not in the mood to increase the minimum wage rate.