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In New Year Minimum Wages Are Going To Raise In more 20 States Of USA.


In the USA the problem between the employee and employer usually happens because of the wage payment. Because many workers think that they are getting paid less as compared to the efforts they put into the work, and that’s the reason why many states in the USA are now raising the minimum wage rates for the local workers. In 2019 at least 20 states are going to implement a new wage payment system for the workers which will benefit millions of domestic workers who usually get underpaid. The increase in wage rate will be different for every state in the USA. Many states like California, New York have already taken action, and all the employers in those states who have more than 25 employees are paying under the new increased wage payment system.

Many employers are not happy with the state’s decision of raising wage payment because many of them believe it’s going to affect on their businesses. From last few months, many big organisations faced huge amount troubles because many labour unions were protesting against these corporations and it seems like these hard-working labour has won this battle. Earlier the workers used to receive $7.23 per hour under federal law but now most of them will soon going to earn at least 15$ per hour.

In new year many new laws are going to implement across the country which will protect the labours. There have been many movements happened in from last few months which is now going to change the workplace culture. However, according to many economists, not all workers are going to get the benefit because of an increase in wage rate since now only those workers who are skilful will be in more demand in the market. So if a worker wants to get paid for a higher wage rate, then they will have to improve their quality of work otherwise many employers will easily cut unskillful employees.