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In US-China Trade Battle, Huawei Has Decided To Cut Jobs In The USA

In US-China Trade Battle, Huawei Has Decided To Cut Jobs In The USA

The trade war tension is increasing now, and Chinese tech giant company Huawei has decided to cut some jobs in the USA. US-China trade dispute is watched and observed by global investors now because the way these two countries are fighting into this trade war, everything’s getting scattered. Now Huawei has decided to take some bold decision of cutting hundreds of jobs in the USA, and this decision is going to ignite this ongoing trade war. The report shows that Huawei’s plan to cut off employees are going to be targeted on Futurewei Technologies where hundreds of employees work there as a researcher.

The company has labs which are based in Texas, California, and thus hundreds of workers from this researchers development facilities are going to be laid off. There are several Futurewei who have been notified about their job cutting, and more will get this notice in the future. Huawei is the largest tech companies in China; it has been growing its operations in the USA also. However, trade war tension is at its peak, and Huawei is probably getting crushed in it. Trump administration has already banned Huawei by stating various security reasons.

Trump thinks the Chinese government controls Huawei, and they are spying on its users’ data or even using it in some wrong way. Now such allegations have negatively affected the company’s growth, and thus US-allied countries have also put restrictions on the selling of Huawei’s equipment. Currently, no major company is doing any business with Huawei, which is affecting its production and supply of electronic chips plus other electronic equipment. Now, this decision of cutting off employees from the US-based company is another sign that Huawei is still not happy with the Trump administration. It will be interesting to see how Trump is going to react to this decision of Huawei and whether he is going to counter attack it or not.