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Instagram Algorithm – How Does It Work?

Instagram Algorithm – How Does It Work?

In order to understand how the algorithm of Instagram works, it is necessary to take into consideration the purpose of the algorithm.

The real purpose of the algorithm of Instagram is to give you a sense of excitement and delight. If it doesn’t show interesting content, which you can engage upon, people would surely exit the app. They persuade people to keep scrolling for more content.

Engagement of one’s posts is key to them showing up higher on other people’s feed. Instagram’s algorithm measures how fast someone’s post attract others to get engaged, hence evaluating the relationship between a person’s account with his or her audience’s accounts.  If people get engaged on earlier posts by a particular person, through shares and adding on to the Instagram stories, all these can also affect the position where one’s posts show up in a feed.

Before 2016, Instagram’s algorithm was pretty simple. All the posts were arranged in a chronological manner, irrespective of their engagement.

From March 2016, a major change was implemented by Instagram in its algorithm by doing away from showing up posts chronologically and move towards something which is primarily based on user engagement. They came up with the explanation that on an average, people miss out on 70% of their feeds. With the growth of Instagram, it has become difficult to keep up with the videos, photos which people keep on sharing. Hence, there is every possibility of you missing out on some important posts.

Instagram takes into account several factors by keeping a track of the accounts people like most, with which they engage upon regularly, the kind of posts they tend to engage with most through likes and comments.

Five factors, which Instagram Algorithm evaluates while deciding upon how high someone’s post be on another person’s’ feed:

  • One’s relationship with another person.
  • Time at which the posts are being created.
  • The number of likes and comments on each post.
  • How many of your posts are getting shared directly?
  • The profile searches which a person carries out.

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