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Instagram released “Ask Questions” feature exhibiting a wide variety of recommendations

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iOS and Android’s latest update has brought a wide variety of trending features for its users. This season it has unconfined some question stickers that can be used for recommending names of restaurants, music, places, and a variety of things.

It’s not restricted to question and answer session with your family, friends, or any audience, but can be used for recommendations as well.

How do these sticker stories work?

All you need to do is select your relevant sticker after you finish up with clicking images or videos and then add it to your story. You can also type text in the tab box given and click on the share story button to share your photos with the audiences.

Users can also give audiences the place to leave comments or questions on their stories so that users can reply them back. Users can assess all the comments and questions in the viewer’s list. At the same time, they can reply to each one separately thus creating a new story every time.

When views are kept private by your friends, it will be visible to you and your friend only and not to anyone else. Simultaneously others won’t be able to see the username, profile pictures, or any pictures commented by your friend on your post.

Key usage of this application is to play a question and answer round with your followers, but it can be further applied to get recommendations on businesses, landmarks, and e-commerce market in your local area. It can be more useful for business people to submit recommendations for users visiting their website in the form of the feedback form.

When supplemented with geofilters, it functions exactly similar to Facebook where it displays recommendations while scrolling your news feed page. This feature will be rolled out for all Android and iOS users in their next software update of Instagram version 52.

Talking about any kind of music, polls, set of questions, mentions, or any tags in the Instagram stories, the company will soon be an one-stop shop for all the users who are more interested in clicking pictures rather than shooting videos.