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A New Feature, ‘You’re All Caught Up’ gets introduced for Instagram users

Instagram Algorithm – How Does It Work?

Instagram brings another trending feature to its users. The new feature “you’re all caught up” analyses and sends a notification message about where you are caught up from last few couples of days. The feature will work soon after you completely update your profile and seen every status and posts from last two days.

It’s a bit difficult to keep track of posts you have already checked. Sometimes, you miss some of them. Hence, Instagram’s this feature lets you visit each and every post, videos and status and gain a better understanding about your news feed.

Instagram says, “We know that it’s difficult for you to keep track of posts you have already seen. With this new feature and received notification, you will better understand your news feed. You would know you haven’t missed any trending and a recent update, post, photos or videos.”

If Instagram really wants to help us it should release something helpful such as the option to see our news feed in chronological order rather than liberating something which is of no use.

“You’re all caught up” feature is presently available for all Android and iOS users. The algorithm designed for this feature is completely based on engagement and likes given to a particular post. Instagram didn’t reveal the exact functioning of the algorithm or how we will better understand the news feed. But, the most frequent pictures and posts liked by users are flashed at the top of the feed page. So, if you want to get more updates about your dear one’s post, stop scrolling at the bottom because they will be present at the top.

Instagram’s algorithm-based feature will boost more engagement between the users and the profiles they wish to visit and get engaged for a longer period of time. The Facebook-owned company has prioritized engagement and monetization in this feature.

Along with this feature, Instagram recently rolled out another trending one that allows users to add music to the posts and stories. All you need to do is record a video and add a relevant music during or after you finish up recording.

The team is working to bring “You’re all caught up feature” for desktops and laptops users. The update would be released soon.