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Instagram is Testing ‘Tap-To-Advance’ Feature, A New Way To Navigate Through The Posts

Instagram Tap-To-Advance Feature

Instagram introduces a new way to navigate through the timeline of Instagram.  Now, it replaces scrolling the pages up and down with tap-to-advance feature. To see the new posts, users need to tap on either side of the screen instead of scrolling it back and forth.

User’s life might become more comfortable and easy soon after they start getting experience of this new feature.  It works like – tap through the posts the similar way to tap through the stories. The new approach can display wholeness of each post with just one tap.

As of now, developers have made improvement only in the explore tab and not in the main feed.  You need to take care and make sure you tap only once. Double tapping might result in liking the post and create an awkward situation if you have liked the post of a person with whom you are unfamiliar.

Furthermore, users can see the entire post in a single screen instead of scrolling up and down to see the perfect full picture.  This type of navigation method is already being used in Snapchat. Initially, the update will be available to a small group of people and if it successfully flourishes it will be explored in every smartphone later.

At later point of time, the company might think to bring a similar feature for main feed, says one of the spokespeople of Instagram.  Tap-to-advance feature will save more amount of your time and stamina to explore new stories and posts. Instagram does not show ads in new explore.  Hence, do not earn more.

The new navigation system can save people especially the senior citizens from the danger of arthritis (scrolling the bar up and down continuously can lead to the joint pain of fingers).  Instagram might roll out this new feature in its next update.