Intel’s newly introduced i9 processor will majorly boost gaming performance


    Intel Introduced i9 Processor: Acquainting upcoming new series of Intel processors in your desktops or laptops will increase their performance by a number of times.  Intel recently launched i9, Core i7, and Core i5 processors all over the world that works on 14nm++ process of manufacturing.

    i9 Processor Features: 

    It’s current processor release particularly focuses on power, flexibility, and gaming performance.  Intel thinks to upgrade 10nm manufacturing process to its next level with Cannon Lake Chips.  In recent Intel event, the company tossed new Core i9-900K processors having 16 threads and eight cores.  The threads run with the minimum speed of 3.6 GHz and maximum of 5 GHz.

    Core i9-900K will be called as ‘the best gaming processor of the world’. The main issues of previous processors included L1 terminal Fault and Meltdown Variant 3 issues.  However, in the recent launch, all these issues will be eliminated.  All the more, it’s completely risk-free.

    Unlike others, the performance of gaming processors is not just measured in terms of power and speed but multitasking quality is also taken into consideration.  Intel continues to throw some more trinkets.  It has simultaneously refurbished X-series processors as well.

    At the end of 2018, users will get familiarized with Xeon W-3175X processor that consists of workstation CPU having 56 threads, 28 cores and speed up to 4.3 GHz.  The initial price of Core i9-9900 K starts at $488, Core i7-9700K at $373 and Core i5-9600K at $262.

    As far as improving the design is concerned, Quick Sync Video and memory architecture are the two major enhancements.  They have made the collaboration of both single-threaded performances as well as high-quality multi-threaded.

    Intel’s these give-outs will definitely offer high-end performance with a price within your budget.  Consumers who cannot hold them back from purchasing one can pre-order it online while the company will start shipping from October 19.

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