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iOS Makes It Easy to Monitor Which Apps Are Using More Battery

iOS Makes It Easy to Monitor Which Apps Are Using More Battery

Looks like Apple is now serious about the battery problem and took a note after users had complained about the throttled performance in older phones. The upcoming iOS 12 will now have a battery monitoring feature. This feature will let users know which apps are consuming more battery. Basically, it will inform users which apps are destroying the iPhone battery. The feature is now in beta and was first reported by 9to5Mac.

The feature is named ‘Battery Health (Beta)’ and shows stats of the battery usage by apps throughout the day. A graph is shown for Battery Level vs Usage Time and the line graph shows the battery level over the time usage. This will help to find which app is consuming more battery. A steeper section of the line graph will indicate the app is using battery more than necessary. At the top, you can tap to switch to see the usage performance for last 24 hours or for the last ten days. iOS 12 will also show the On Screen and Off Screen usage in addition to the percentage and amount of time on the screen.

This feature was left out of the Apple’s keynote but still, this will surely make iPhone users happy. After it received criticism for throttled performance on older phones, Apple added a new “battery health” setting to iOS earlier this year. Though the battery health feature will still be there in iOS 12, there has been no updates reported yet in the current iOS 12 beta. The graphs feel a little rough and ready in iOS 12 beta. The animation is also not smooth and there is a problem for the indication about the graphs being selectable until you tap and release. It would be a better option if a user can long press and see a numeric readout for the data point below the finger.