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iPhone Loses Global Smartphone Market Share Significantly


Apple is that tech company which is famous for providing tons of right quality products in the tech industry. Whether it’s smartphones, personal computers, or tablets, Apple has always produced a suitable type of products. However, since the last few months, the tech giant company is losing its share in the smartphone industry. The reports show that iPhones sales are decreasing every month and that’s worrying thing for Apple and its fans. The new report shows that overall market shipment for the smartphone has gone down by 1.7% to 368 million units from 374.3 million. In the entire smartphone market segment, Apple’s iPhone has a 10.5% share, which is an essential but still far less as compared to previous data.

Overall, iPhone’s market share went down by 13.78% in the second quarter. Experts said the company hasn’t come up with new features and that’s preventing current users from shifting to the new iPhones. Apple has changed its core business to the service sector, which now represents 21% of the vendor’s total sales. The tech giant company is trying to diversify its investment, and they are doing to by entering into new sectors. People have already complied that they did not see any “innovative” features in recently launched iPhones. Apple is famous for providing innovating products, but that’s not happening when it comes to iPhones.

Apple is currently working on creating 5G enabled smartphone which, according to some experts, might increase the chances of gaining market share for Apple. Samsung, which is a top rival of Apple, witnessed its market share rising after six long quarters. Apple is losing its market share in the Asian market, especially in China, after the trade war. Now that’s why Apple is thinking of targeting India instead of China. Still, the domestic and international market is not responding well to iPhones because of a lack of new features.

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