Home Tech News iPhone iPhone update to iOS 11.4 brought battery drain problems, the report claims

iPhone update to iOS 11.4 brought battery drain problems, the report claims

iPhone update to iOS 11.4 brought battery drain problems, the report claims

The latest software update of Apple, iOS 11.4, released last year has created chaos in the market. Though it serves an improved version of different software applications and entirely new features, it has degraded the battery performance.

Users who have updated their operating system to the newer version are facing hasty battery drain issues. They also claim that their battery percentage goes down drastically within few minutes for no reason after charging the device to 100 percent. Personal hotspot gets automatically activated that consumes a high portion of the battery.

This has drastically reduced the performance of the iPhone and iPads. Apple will soon start working on this issue and will release the fixed updated software most probably in its next software update. The problem detected has nothing to do with your smartphone. The real cause behind this issue is the recently released software update iOS 11.4.

A number of users who have already updated their smartphone have downgraded to previous version iOS 11.3.1. This transfer has regained the battery life to the normal again. One of the users says, “Charging the battery to 100 percent, rebooting the mobile makes a battery to come back to 40 percent within 4 hours. I am facing this issue from last 3 days since when I have updated my iPhone to iOS 11.4. Whenever I connect my device to Wi-fi hotspot, it drains out very soon. But, the moment it gets disconnected, the issue is solved and it works normally again.

The Apple Community Specialist has suggested the company to check battery health of iPhone 6. Even after giving a number of replies to all the users, many of them still write back that they still have this issue.

There is still no update about how Apple is going to tackle this problem or what strategies it will use. But, they have already started thinking over it and will possibly release the next steady update within few weeks.

iOS faced a number of software problems last quarter including text string issues. A simple text message crashes the entire message application. Though Apple evenly tries to fix these issues on the immediate and regular basis, instability of the iOS is an important matter to be discussed. Alongside, Apple rolled out several features last year that helped parents to control their children.  It helped their kids to spend minimum time on apps and games. Further, it released group video chats that enabled 32 users to converse with each other at a time giving tough rivalries to Microsoft Corp’s Skype and Cisco Systems Inc.