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iPhone X is a Super Bowl Winner, Says Apple CEO


Today when the second fiscal quarter of 2018 is closing, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook declined to offer any kind of specific information on the revenue of iPhone X sales but yes he did hint that their this latest product has been selling well which is actually a big contrast to reports that have advocated meager sales and diminishing orders.

However, the Tech giant’s CEO words say something else, as per his words users selected their new device – iPhone X more than any other model. According to Cook, iPhone X sales gone well following the launch of the device in the December quarter and customers purchased their new device each and every week in the March quarter.

In addition to it; Tim said that their latest device iPhone X that is marked as the first most popular and expensive device. He also added that the tech giant Apple was somewhat surprised with the popularity of their new flagship phone as the device was the most eminent one each week since its introduction in the market. And indeed it’s a powerful point. The device was made its popularity among Chinese during its quarter.

Because we separate the iPhone line with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as held in 2014, it is the only first cycle where we have ever had the highest of the line iPhone model included in the most widespread device list.

Talking about the customer satisfaction for their latest device, Tim said that their device is a beloved product among the customers. He then used a Super Bowl metaphor to explain iPhone X sales.

He thinks it’s one of the major things where a dedicated team conquers a Super Bowl. He believes that probably we wanted them to win with a few more points but still, it’s a Super Bowl winner for them.

Tim also talked about the pricing strategy of most-anticipated iPhone X. He said that they price for the value of the product they are delivering to its customers. Their new device is the most innovative product available in the market and also believed and asserted that iPhone X is jam-packed with technology that set the phone for next decade. And that’s how they price it.

Apple will carry on offering different iPhones to meet various demands of their customers, added Tim Cook.