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Lack of Demand Makes Apple Cut Down iPhone X Orders – Full Panic Mode for iPhone X

iPhone X

The Tech-giant hasn’t officially released any sales numbers but the general consensus of iPhone X hasn’t quite lived up to its expectations. Indeed the phone is stunning and Apple’s best too but the high price tag has put several potential buyers off. It’s the reason behind cutting down the orders for the same. Apple was supposed to produce 8 million units in Q2 2018 but now it has reduced it and according to some analysts it’s expected to be killed off by this year.

The lack of demand for the iPhone X can be evidently seen in the earning reports of some its suppliers. The South-Korean Conglomerate, Samsung recently released its Q1 earnings report where it confirmed that it would introduce MicroLED TVs this year. Alongside this, it also showed a reduced demand for flexible OLED panels which are supplied to Apple for their iPhone X model. However, Samsung expects that the sales and revenue will go high when Apple launches new models.

Additional chief supplier for the most popular tech-giant Apple is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC), which says that it has a huge stock of the components generally purchased by Apple and so it has revised its complete year revenue target as a consequence.

While speaking to CNBC, the co-head of the global thematic group, Neil Campling said that Apple will kill off the iPhone X model just because it is too expensive and the consumers in the market are turning their backs this high-price tag for this smartphone.

Cupertino-based Apple is expecting to introduce three new iPhones in this September – two OLED models and one in LCD screen. From two OLED, the company will bring one regular and one plus-sized model. All these iPhones are thought to have similar sort of designs to iPhone X. As per the prediction of Ming-Chi Kuo, the models will be cheaper this time, framed with $500 mark and the LCD model can cost you $550.

The company will launch its quarterly earnings on May 1, and all eyes are looking for that to check how well the latest model of iPhone performed till now. It’s anticipated that 2018 iPhone X2 would come with £635 price tag.

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