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Lee Iacocca Is Going To Be Remembered By All For His Unique Leadership Skill

Lee Iacocca Is Going To Be Remembered By All For His Unique Leadership Skill

When it comes to the automobile industry there was a time when people used to wait for so many days to see a new type of cars coming into the market. Nowadays we are seeing Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg as visionary leaders but at that time it was only one person who used to have considerable publicity, and that’s Lee Iacocca. Lee Anthony Died died on Tuesday, and he is going to be remembered by all people for creating cars like Ford Mustang and Chrysler Minivan.

Lee was that person who had a very different marketing skill, and all other major companies used to envy him for his working style. Lee was an engineer at first, but he got an early recall that he is made for marketing and it’s good that he took that decision because of which people got to know great cars like Ford Mustang And Chrysler’s minivan. Leadership qualities which Lee had were spectacular, and every automobile expert thinks he was great in it because of his unique way to handle the pressure. Lee, while creating Ford Mustang, knew that people get more impressed with the design of a car and he focused so much on it that all young men and women fell in love with Ford’s Mustang.

Lee Iacocca got fired by Henry Ford II and later when he joined the rival Fiat Chrysler he again proved his leadership with by designing great cars. He after retiring, got involved in many public awareness activities and even took participation in renovating statue of liberty. Big companies collaborated with him to promote their big cars, and he was a bestselling author for some books also. During his whole lifetime, Lee achieved many great things which prove his excellent leadership qualities.


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