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Lifesum Introduces Google Assistant integration with their New App


The Lifesum has announced a Google Assistant application for Android, which keeps track of your dietary habits with ease. The app is integrated with the Google Assistant, so it is straightforward to keep track of all your meals with the help of Assistant and the Android smartphone. There is no need to open the application and manually enter the food items you’ve consumed. With the integration of the Lifesum app with Google Assistant, the users will now have to say what they’ve eaten in their meals to the Google Assistant, and that’ll keep track of your calories consumption.

The Lifesum has announced the launch of their Google Assistant integration a few hours ago. The app is currently available on the Google Play store for all of the Android smartphones with the Google Assistant installed. The users have to speak to the Google Assistant after installing the Lifesum application. Once you tell the Google Assistant about the food you’ve eaten, the Lifesum app will take the notes of your food consumption and log that for tracking your calorie intake. This is a refreshing addition as the users won’t have to unlock their smartphone and open the Lifesum app to enter the food and the calories manually.

The Lifesum app personalizes the meal sizes according to the goals set by the users. So, the app will automatically log your details and also show you the warning if you consume more than your recommended limits. Not just the meals, but the users can also add and modify their weight, height, calculate BMI, and log the details about Water intake. The app is free to download, but the subscription to Lifesum services is not free at all.