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Like, Facebook and Google; Apple also removes Infowars videos from iTunes


To shine similar to Facebook and Google and protect their privacy policies Apple has taken a similar jerk and removed all the Infowars videos from podcasts and iTunes apps. Infowars is the conspiracy theorist organization that was led by Alex Jones.

Facebook and Google removed four such Infowars videos in order to preserve their privacy policies as some of the contents interfered in their procedures. But, Apple’s this attempt is wider than the two. The company has taken off all the episodes of Infowars leaving ‘Real News With David Knight’ behind.

The news was first revealed on Twitter. But, till then it was not confirmed. Later, it got confirmed when people had a word with Twitter. They said, “We have taken actions on those accounts only that have violated our content guidelines by posting hate speeches.”

One of the spokespeople said, “Apple never tolerates such sort of hate speech. There are some clear guidelines that the company gave to both developers and creators so that they deliver the best and secure environment to all the users.” “Podcasts that disrupts guidelines of Apple are directly removed from the directory. Hence, users will no longer be able to search or download any episodes from the streaming sources.”

Another motivation for Apple to take this action was Spotify and Stitcher where both the services removed Infowars from their accounts. A case that certainly took place in the United States was really very severe. The false information and hoax theories touted by Jones, Sandy Hook, and Infowars were so unembellished that it ended up to the death of some of the families in the United States.

Those were harassed through the social networking sites and faced threats of death as well. These people are still harassing Jones via a slander suit. Well, this just an initial step of Apple to throw away contents that violate their rules and regulation. They are many on the way for Apple to make its website safer and secure for users.