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LinkedIn rolls out voice messaging feature that you never eagerly waited for


LinkedIn will soon roll out voice messaging feature that you were least interested in. The platform is famous for sending email requests, hence, the absence of voicemails never made an issue. Though users certainly not demanded the service, LinkedIn has its own reasons to roll out one.

It will be available shortly to all the Android and iOS users. They can receive voicemails on both LinkedIn account and on their mobile phones. You can leave a complete one-minute long voicemail. There are two major reasons why LinkedIn is rolling out voice messaging feature.

One is because leaving a short voicemail is far better and less time consuming as compared to typing a long text message. Secondly, the recipient of the voicemail gets an ample amount of time to hear the recorded message rather than reading an email and forgetting about it after some time.

Another significant reason includes building a good rapport with the recipient by speaking to them directly through the phone, said LinkedIn in a blog post. LinkedIn is an influential tool for professional networking that includes the majority of HR professionals and recruiters.

Voice messages will be more comfortable than reading long annoying messages. Though there are certain reasons behind LinkedIn to roll out this feature, many of them think it may not work and serve the purpose of the service.

It is an excellent platform to have a professional connection with someone you do not know. Sometimes, calling a person you do not know sounds really very weird. At such times, sending an email looks decent and acceptable.

Recording your voice over the LinkedIn is not more difficult. All you need to do is simply tap long on the microphone icon, record your message and release it to send. In case, you want to cancel sending the voicemail you can remove your finger off from the icon soon before you release it.

LinkedIn since 2016 has around 562 million users. The feature will be rolled out all over the world in the coming few weeks. It is actually the matter of discussion as to why LinkedIn decided to add on this feature as it’s quite inexplicable to listen to a voicemail.