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List Of Best iOS Apps Which You Should Be Using


When it comes to using the iPhone, people need to know that it’s far different and unique. Many creative app developers prefer to work on Apple’s app store since the company offers more incentive to them. There are many apps which you should be using on your iPhone about which you don’t know. Then here’s the list of those applications which currently should on your phone.

Drafts 5

Drafts is that application which can be used by you to write your important ideas, notes or even stories if you’re into that. When you open Drafts you get to see a blank page along with the keyboard.


Travelling often for work? Then this app is must one for you. Hopper is traveling guide app which will tell you when you should book the tickets and also calculates the discount. It shows the seating availability in different colours also let you know about the right time to buy a ticket so that you will save tons of money. Hopper can be used by those people who travel often and looking to save money.


When it comes to improving productivity, we all want to use those applications which will help us to improve our workability. It will let you create personal and shared workplaces where you can create various “blocks” like text snippets, bookmark, images, etc. You will be able to easily customize the workplace because the app makes it easy to drag and drop the individual blocks of content. The free version of the app lets you sync and use upto 1000 blocks, but if you want more, then you will have to go for a premium plan.

So these are some free but useful iOS apps which everyone should have in their smartphone.

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