Home Business Lyft Is Best After Having A Comparison Among E-Scooters Companies

Lyft Is Best After Having A Comparison Among E-Scooters Companies

Lyft Is Best After Having A Comparison Among E-Scooters Companies

E-scooter is new but an emerging sector where the majority of the companies are still startups and trying their best to make a product that will sell and liked by customers. However, in a recent survey done by an expert, he tried four companies e-scooter, namely; Lyft, Uber, Lime, and Bird. After riding each companies scooter and driving for quite a long mile, the analysts declared Lyft’s scooter is best among them. This experiment was done in a little chaotic city of Los Angeles, where e-scooter companies are getting a response. Analysts said Lyft’s scooter is perfect when it comes to acceleration the scooter offers an exceptional smoothness; it also gave a good response on rough surfaces. There are cities like New York which have banned riding e-scooters because of rising traffic issues. However, in LA, things are quite demanding for e-scooters because love to ride them because of the easiness they offer.

Out of these four e-scooters, Lime received the worst review, and the analyst said riding Lime e-scooter was one of his worst decisions. Uber and Lyft, both companies, released their e-scooters for the general public at the same time. However, when he tried to ride on Uber’s e-scooter, the driver faced some problems with break and comfort. Uber’s e-scooters have too many sensitive breaks as compared to Lyft, and it offered a slightly bumpier ride on the streets of LA. A few months ago, during summer, Uber released their e-scooters in the market made by a Chinese company and received a good response.

At last, Bird’s e-scooters offered the same level of satisfaction as Uber’s, but the only drawback it had was weak brakes. The breaks of Birds scooter were too hard to control and required more energy. But in the end, this small survey gave the award of the best e-scooter to Lyft.

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