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Mac App Store Still Contains Some Malicious App Collecting User’s Data

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Mac App Store Still Contains Some Malicious App Collecting User’s Data.  These apps were stealing user’s private data including their contact details and forward it to the developers.There are still certain apps in the Mac app store that collects user’s data and forwards it to the servers.

Mac App store still contains some Malicious App Collecting User’s Data:

According to the MalwareBytes, these apps stole the user data and forward it to the servers located in China.  Moreover, there are chances that this data is used to enhance certain malicious and illegal activities.  One such app included in the Mac App Store was Adware Doctor that seemed to be top rated in the list.  It was immediately removed from the app store as soon as they came to know about its hostile action.

This app actually removed Adware threats from the Mac device including cookies and extensions.  Though it cleaned the unnecessary stuff it was known to collect vital private data of the users such as browsing history, saved passwords, list of past and currently running processes and list of software’s users had downloaded from the app store.

However, Apple has cleverly worked on this dreadful situation by denying the permission to view the app.  This app is similar to Adware Medic that was found long back in 2015.  When Apple came to know about this app it immediately removed it from the store.  But, now it has re-emerged with the new name.

When Chinese researchers heard about the entire scenario they halted off the majority of Mac servers in China.  Another app from the Mac App store famously called as Open Any Files automatically handles the apps that have nothing to do with it and advertise other apps that can open certain user files automatically.

Additionally, it functioned similarly to Adware app that gathered user’s browsing history, caches, and search history.  Users filed the complaint against this app in last December, but it still appeared in the App Store.

These scenarios questions the security of apps sustaining in the Mac app store and assurance that they are safe to download.  Apple responded back to these scenarios very late and hence relying on Apple store builds up a huge question.

Downloading the apps that do not ask to access any of your personal data or location are safe to download, but if they ask to access any of the information just quit processing that app.  Apple says, “But it some cases even if you do not give access permission, the threat will make its way and get the sensitive data from your phone”.