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Many Popular Android Apps Are Sending Users Data To Facebook Without Their Consent

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Nowadays many smartphone users concern about only one thing and that’s privacy because from last few months there have been many cases data breaching and now there’s a new one. According to a recent report it’s been found that more than 30 android apps are sending users data to Facebook without their consent which might be illegal according to some country’s policies. A recent study done on android’s 34 most popular apps found that 20 of them are data breaching and sending such data to Facebook. The report shows that such apps are transmitting private data as soon as users opened them which now has created a concerning environment among users. Many European countries have already made lots of strict regulations for users private data like GDPR. This rule requires prior consent of the user before sharing their data with any other company or person.

However, it seems like many popular apps are misusing their popularity to earn some money. Many of these apps are developed under Facebook SDK ( Software Development Kit) also there are many strict norms which every developer of the app has to follow, and one of them is not to use such platform for personal use. However according to some developers due to the default configuration of Facebook SDK, the user’s data is automatically getting shared. Facebook has officially said that this problem can be solved by releasing an SDK update, but still many users are still worried about their privacy.

However, many the experts believe that such kind of mistakes can lead to a bigger problem since hackers can steal that much of vulnerable data collected by the company. A few months ago Facebook reportedly agreed that the hackers could stole the sensitive data of more than 30 million Facebook users which could create further more severe problems.